Visualizing  the invisible

My work reflects the world around me. It  reflects both the world as it is and a better world that I envision. For me  art is about seeing the unseen and capturing the substance of what is below the surface of what we see with the naked eye and the mind’s eye. I think that looking deeper helps not only establish a connection with  others but a higher connection to myself, through my drawings and paintings.

The Sketchbook

Tom Deatherage, owner of The Late Show Gallery, sat sipping a cool drink in his Crossroads space on Cherry Street. “I met Kwanza in 2009” Deatherage said. “I think he’s a good painter. He would show me his sketchbook and he would say, ‘What do you think of this and this and this?’ I was so charmed by his sketches, that’s why we decided to have the sketchbook show. I think he’s got a great way of covering a person’s personality. They are not exact drawings of people, but they capture the essence of the people. Some of them are strangers and some of them are people he knows. I think they are just charming.”


Under the Same Sky in Truth and Love

Before I had formal training I’ve been drawing and sketching. My early drawings were a  reflection of material wants that I could obtain by creating it myself, putting it on paper, making it  mine. Over time my work has evolved from coveting what I couldn’t have to both seeking and attempting to  reveal a greater truth in our existence. The lynchpin of my work is that we’re all in this together under the same sky.

The human form is varied in infinite ways. Through the power of  observation, what I create taps into the infinite potential of our forms and faces. Only in fleeting instances do we observe the true nature of others. What I try to do with paintings is remove the masks we all wear for a  more studied look at what’s underneath facades. My work asks: what can we share with each other?

I mostly paint portraits and candids of people I’m familiar with who often refer me in turn to their friends and associates. My aim to convert the ordinary to the extraordinary. I don’t always know what I’m looking for when I observe the mannerisms  in the subjects I paint but I spend enough time with my subjects to remove any barriers and get at the truth I always seem to find. That truth is what I want to show the world. We all have our own truths and defer to greater truths but sometimes it takes a little nudge to notice. I want my work to be that nudge.

The figures and portraits I paint represent the physical world, and it’s many facets. The sky is hope. Hope for a better way, future, connection, or intention. “The sky is the limit” as the saying goes, thus the possibilities are endless. I want my work to reflect this limitless unity. Despite our differences we all crave the same thing. Truth and love.

Get In Touch

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